Vascular Lesions

The laser represents a very interesting non-surgical solution for the elimination of vascular lesions and varicosities of the legs.

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Spider veins and reticular veins of the legs disappear in less than 30 minutes, with lasting results. Even better, this treatment leaves no incision scars and does not require a long recovery period.


With a laser spot size of up to 24mm, the Elite IQ laser provides fast treatments, letting you resume your normal activities whenever you want.


Elite IQ uses a 1064 nm wavelength to effectively treat leg varicosities in just a few sessions.


The Elite IQ System has been in clinical use for many years, and its safety has been demonstrated in numerous clinical publications.


The treatment is ideal for spider veins and reticular veins.

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, it may only take a few minutes.

Normally, treatments do not exceed 30 minutes.

Many patients notice a immediate improvement appearance of spider veins from the first treatment, followed by continuous improvement over the next week or so.

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