TempSure® Firm is an exciting new development in radio frequency technology aimed at larger body surfaces.

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About the care

This innovative technology gently warms the deep dermal tissue and stimulates local circulation.

Best-in-class temperature sensing, combined with up to 100x faster response time than the competition.

Ensures safe, reliable treatments in the hands of any practitioner.

Emits soothing spa tones during treatment to provide an even more satisfying patient experience.


Tempsure Firm is a body treatment by radio frequency which warms the tissues in depth and evenly.

By combining it with the massage head, the device can also temporarily reduce the dimpled appearance of the skin caused by cellulite.

The sensation experienced is reminiscent of a light hot stone massage.

TempSure Firm is a safe and comfortable procedure that does not require no downtime.

Patients have reported a sensation similar to a relaxing hot stone massage.

A slight redness may appear after the procedure, due to the high temperatures reached by the skin during the treatment.

This will quickly disappear thereafter. You will be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately after the treatment!

We recommend between five and eight treatments at weekly intervals to stimulate the collagen regeneration process.

For optimal results, consult your practitioner to develop a tailor-made treatment plan.

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