Multi Male 40+

Multi Male 40+

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A daily newspaper for men over 40 MC MegaFood MD is specially formulated without iron to support the health and well-being of men over 40*. (Iron is not recommended for men unless directed by their healthcare professional.) Our convenient daily multivitamins, to be taken with or without food, nourish the body and include FoodState ® B vitamins to support the maintenance of good cardiovascular health, energy production and a healthy nervous system*. They contain 400 IU (10 µg) of vitamin D, which promotes bone health*, and a range of whole foods and plants that provide additional phytonutrients*.

Nutrition information

Form : Compressed
Serving: 1
1 tablet per day. Can be taken any time of day.


  • FoodState ® B Vitamins support energy production, nervous system health and cardiovascular health *
  • Contains zinc which promotes healthy prostate function *
  • 400 IU (10 µg) vitamin D – to help maintain healthy bones *
  • Iron-free formula